Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dr. Young Anti-Pore Deep Clearing Clay Mask

*Good review by salespersons in Sasa cosmetic stores*

*Used Once - Using Spatula, Not Finger*

Price: RM 30 (Letting go at a cheap price)
Description: This clay mask refines pores with purifying effect of Ghassoul Clay, while Phyto-Astringent (the complex of Witch Hazel, Calendula and Ivy Extracts certified by ECOCERT) tightens pores.
How To Use: One dry face after cleansing, apply evenly to the face with an appropriate amount. 3-5 minutes later, wipe out with lukewarm water before it dries out.
Place of Manufacture: Made in Korea
Date of Manufacture: 16 Sep 2010 (bought early this year)
Reason for Selling: I've always had pimples-prone skin, and purchased many types of anti-acne products. This one's really good. My skin felt soft and smooth after usage. What's important is that my skin looked cleaner after use, pores were smaller. Quite efficient. But because in April I was introduced a skin doc, I was advised not to use any facial products or make-ups, and only clean with water, no cleanser. So all these products have to let go.


  1. izit stil available?? and may i know the actual price u bought??tq

  2. Hi babe, thank you for your interest. :)

    I don't really remember but it's around 100+/-. Still available.